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I am retiring and selling this distinguished domain name BOBBYZ.NET fashioned after my professional stage name. If the name BOBBY Z makes a connection don't let this domain get away. In my forty-five years working in broadcast communications, print medium, photo journalism and entertainment industries prior to my retirement, I know first hand the online success this domain name has brought me. Build content around a new website to enhance your public profile, or post a redirect link to current website to produce immediate results. The trick to get the results you want is to buy this premium domain on GoDaddy. It could be yours right now!
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Back in 1999, after just six months of publishing online for the first time the numbers were in! A huge 40% increase in traffic, then shortly after the number increased to 70%. Repeat visitors had grown by over 200% after six months and I was receiving a mailbox full of messages. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to attract visitors to your website. Buy this domain now before someone else beats you to it!

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