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Bobby Z Polka Joy Show In 1975, WYZZ (pronounced whiz) began broadcasting the Bobby Z Polka Joy Show on Sunday afternoons. The locally-owned 50,000 watt FM station was located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. WYZZ's slogan was the sound of beautiful music twenty-four hours a day. Co-host Carl Lucas from South Cannan shared the airwaves with me. It was fun, fun, fun! People listening to Polka Joy often said they enjoyed our witty on-air humor. Live broadcasts from church bazaars, volunteer firemen festivals and dance halls soon became a summer hit. Even our business sponsors got involved by offering special sales promotions.

In 1978, a polka concert featuring nationally-acclaimed Happy Louie & Julcia Orchestra from Massachusetts and the popular Kryger Brothers Orchestra was held at The Irem Temple in Wilkes-Barre. This SOLD OUT concert attracted polka fans from up and down the east coast. My 10-year stint on WYZZ ended when the station was sold and Polka Joy moved over to WMJW. When that station was sold WBAX picked up Polka Joy. I landed at WNAK after WBAX was sold and the sale of WNAK ended my stint on radio.

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