Arms In The Cockpit


Right of Pilots To Bear Arms In The Cockpit

C.) Motives:


PRO: To insure the safety and security of their American passengers, the airline industry must have the security of knowing that their pilots will arrive safely at their destination.


PRO: We need to arm these pilots because airport screening machines are slow and unreliable plus government money just isn't available to fund 100 million dollar construction projects to bring our outdated airports up to standards necessary for protective security.


PRO: Pilot's Operating Handbook clearly states that in event of an emergency, the Captain is to maintain control of the aircraft while the co-pilot deals with the unexpected event. It appears logical that the co-pilot will probably bear responsibility for shooting intruders.


CON: Fear that passengers will be accidentally killed or injured by a ‘Dirty Harry' or ‘Rambo' type pilot bursting open the cockpit door and wildly shooting bullets into the cabin, prompt many to protest the pilot's right to bear a weapon.


CON: First line of defense starts outside the cockpit. Pilots and guns just don't mix. We need to hire qualified aviation security specialists.