My Eight Million Visitors Search Engine Optimization Success    


Hey business owners want to rank at the ultimate top of Google and get more new customers fast, without paying for SEO or paid ads? The easiest way to do that is one simple PageRank builder that anyone can use— (Redirects) Redirects (also referred to as Forwarding) are used to redirect a different website's visitors to another website instantly. Multi-billion-dollar sports broadcasting entity ESPN is placing Redirects on County Domains throughout the country to build audience on their current website instantly. A prime example is located at Chemung County in the heavily populated Finger Lakes Region of the state of New York. ESPN is using a Redirect on that automatically sends first-time viewers to website. Don't solely rely on this information provided by me. Go see for yourself. Type in in the address bar at the top of this page and hit Enter— (It's Huge)


A probable explanation for why this works is hundreds of first-time people, if not thousands, look for all types of courthouse records on the Internet daily, by entering in the address bar on their browser; the county name followed directly by the two-letter state abbreviation; and most popular .com extension. However, most counties use weaker .gov or .us websites, or even weaker acronym to shorten the county name. Imagine how many hits receives— (It's Terrific)


My Eight Million Visitors Search Engine Optimization Success— In a professional manner, I did the same thing that ESPN did by purchasing 100 county domains to propel my website BOBBYZ.NET to the ultimate top on Google— (It Worked!) Even placing me above the iconic high profile drummer BOBBYZ for the American singer and multi-instrumentalist Prince. See for yourself: Type in bobbyz in the address bar at the top of this page and hit Enter— (8-Million)


When you are looking to buy aged county domains to boost your PageRank, all 100 of mine for available counties with a population greater than 100,000* nationwide are now up for sale on Afternic by GoDaddy Auctions. Amazingly, I no longer need them due to the fact that websites at the top on Google get the most hits. Now comes the excitement of getting a bargain. Buy any or all of them for just $29 ea. online. This is a limited-time offer. Domains are registered with GoDaddy. Domains are parked free as a courtesy of GoDaddy. Visit to get a secure link to Afternic by GoDaddy Auctions MAKE OFFER priced at only $29 ea., or for easy bulk purchase please CALL Afternic by GoDaddy TOLL FREE at 866-829-9361 today— (Grab While It Lasts)

* Estimated population data from analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

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