Secret To My Eight Million Visitors SEO Optimization Success Story     

My website BOBBYZ.NET has  gained over eight million visitors to propel me to the #1 position on Page One on Google. This little guy even topped the Bobby Z best known as the legendary drummer for the iconic Prince, and that pleases me most. Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself: Type in bobbyz in the search bar of your browser and hit Enter. It's amazing!!

Hereís how I got to the #1 position (It's Genius)ó Sports media giant ESPN  is placing a redirect on the county domain name to automatically send visitors to their corporate website. It's huge!! Redirects (also referred to as Forwarding) are used to redirect a different website's visitors to another website. Type in in the address bar at the top of this page and hit Enter. It's huge!!

Random discovery of the unique SEO optimation strategy used by ESPN, coupled with learning more about how Google handles redirects provided the spark that ignited thoughts of redirecting visitors to my website using over 100 county domains for available counties with an estimated population over 100,000* nationwide. Google Analytics only provides the raw numbers to the specific final URL that each visitor ends up on. The data is not separated based on which URL forwarded visitors to the page. (Sutherland, 2020)    

The  #1 ranked postion on the first page on Google increases website traffic at an even faster pace. For that reason, I am selling all  of my 100+ aged county domains on Afternic Auctions. Put one or all of them to work for you on GoDaddy today. Visit Buy County Domains to secure an Afternic Auctions link to Buy Now / Make Offer. Itís the best investment you will ever make! Afternic is a GoDaddy company and the world's largest domain marketplace. Domains are registered with GoDaddy. Domains are parked free as a courtesy of GoDaddy. Selling at the affordable reduced price of $145 each, or accepting offers starting at only $75. Call Toll Free For Your FREE Consultation Today! 866-829-9361     

* Estimated population data from analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

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