The Secret To My Eight Million Visitors Success Story     

As of 2024, over eight million visitors propelled my website— BOBBYZ.NET to the first page on Google among heavy hitters "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" starring drug lord Bobby Z, a blockbuster 2007 American-German action film; and "Bobby Z" best known as the legendary drummer for the iconic "Prince". To see how my amazing Google PageRank looks in real time, type in bobbyz in your search bar and hit Enter. It's huge!

Here's where it gets dicey— You need to know how I did this (It's Genius)— Literally, a huge number of people attempt to locate court records online every day (to avoid making a trip to the courthouse) by entering the county name, two-letter abbreviation for the state (to narrow search results), and the most popular “.com” extension into their browser address bar. Unfortunately, research shows that hundreds, if not thousands, of county governments use weaker .gov and .us websites.

The weakness of .gov and .us websites makes owning strong “.com” domains a valuable asset. So, I purchased a superabuundance of high-traffic .com county domain names nationwide, and posted a redirect on each one that automatically sent visitors to my website. Domains are registered on GoDaddy. Redirects (also referred to as Forwarding) are used to redirect a different website's visitors to another website. It's honestly super easy!

Over 100 of my aged county domain names for available counties nationwide with a population greater than 100,000* are up for sale at Afternic Auctions. Afternic is a GoDaddy company and the world's largest domain marketplace. If I've interested you in using county domains to increase your website traffic and rank higher on Google, visit Buy County Domains to get a secure Afternic Auctions link. Buy Now / Make Offer. Asking $295 per domain or accepting offers starting at just $125. It's the best investment you'll ever make!

Let Afternic know if there is anything they can help you with! CALL! 866-829-9361
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